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Undergraduate Researchers

Current WPI Undergraduates in the Lab:

  • Peter Allen
  • Lori Ganjian
  • Mia Holroyd
  • Yunxin Li
  • Fiona Morris

Former WPI Undergrads:

  • Chloe Byrne
  • Lauren Guerrero
  • Cielo Sharkus

Former Summer Students (REU):

  • Heather Couture, “Quantifying Glucose Entry into C. elegans and the Impact on Lipids”, Summer 2022.
  • Lauren Kohntopp, “Using Stable Isotopes to Monitor Membrane Dynamics in C. elegans”, Summer 2021.
  • Hamide Tifeki, “Defining the Role of mmBCFAs in Glucose Toxicity”, Summer 2019.
  • Natalie Balbuena, “Identifying Genes Involved in C. elegans ROS Stress Response”, Summer 2018.
  • Alain Moffett, “Membrane Responses to Stress Exposure”, Summer 2017.